Maxime Durocher - Straight Male Escort — Male Escort for Women

About Me

Year of Birth: 1974
Height: 5’7” — 1m70
Eyes: Blue and green
Drink: No alcohol, no coffee
Sleep: 10h nights, wake up late, light sleeper
Back Tattoos: A wolf within a sun on the left and a five dice set on the right

My Passion

I am a climber. That's me, that's my passion, that's my life. Climbing for me is a form of relaxation, of meditation. It gifts my mind with peace and my body with energy.

That's the central fact of my life, but I will always be a city boy living in skyscrapers enjoying art and fashion, it's just that I am now attracted by the immensity of the mountains and their beauty. Moreover, all my physical exertions make me appreciate even more spending a lazy afternoon cuddling — with you — watching movies.

I might be a man of contrasts, but one thing is sure: I greatly enjoy the company and the conversation of a smart woman. That lady should definitively be you.

My Story

I was born in a small city of a rural region of the province of Québec, Canada, in 1974. (Don't let my appearance fool you; I've always looked at least 10 years younger than I am.) In high school I slept through classes and still got high marks. Outside of class I had a lot of free time that I spent daydreaming. That’s when I started to dabble in writing.

In 1992, I moved to Québec to continue my studies, where I completed a bachelors degree in Biochemistry specializing in Genetic Engineering. I soon realized that working in a lab wasn’t for me. Fortunately, an old flame from my past paid me a visit, Computer Science. Two years later, I moved to Montréal to embark on an internship. I fell completely in love with the city, and decided to settle there permanently.

In this field, I began as a simple programmer (at first writing Visual Basic, then coding Perl), but quickly moved on to become project manager and finally director. It was quite a meteoric rise, but in the end, the financial upheaval of 2007-2008 brought me to my knees in January 2009. This gift of a blank slate gave me the opportunity to explore my writing, climb as much as I want, and start a new career.