Your Straight Male Escort

My name is Maxime Durocher, I'm a straight male escort, sometimes referred to as a male escort for women or simply a companion.

I offer any services a lady might require including simple dates to the restaurant for an amicable chat, emotional and physical intimacy, as well as time to just cuddle.

So, if you're a lady looking for something new, maybe a little bit of adventure, some romance, charm and sensuality, a quality relationship with no complications, or just a friendly soul for dinner, I'm available to you, as discreetly as you wish.

Spend some time with me, and I assure you, you will appreciate the breath of fresh air in your life. I have a calm demeanor, an easy smile, and a bright mind.

Send me an email at, we'll chat and go from there... It's simple and there's no obligations, no rush, no worries.

Maxime Durocher - Straight Male Escort — Male Escort for Women

A little secret...

This is not just for just for rich women looking for men or even single women looking for men, it's a gift to yourself, a just reward, something you won't forget. An escort or a companion is a delight for the senses and the mind.

Stop wondering and savour that mystery. Write to me now and share your passion.

Maxime Durocher - Straight Male Escort — Male Escort for Women

Around the World

At not extra cost

I live in Montreal, Canada, but I love to travel, be it to Toronto, New York, Sydney, London, Paris or any other place around the globe.

So, I can visit you wherever you want me to, and I don't expect you to spend anything extra for my travel.

It means that your donation will amount to nothing more than what I expect for the time I spend with you, as if I was living close by. Maxime Durocher - Straight Male Escort — Male Escort for Women